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Wish you were here……

My postcard to you from Little Halden Farm Camping Site on Saturday 2nd August 2014.
On a beautiful summers evening as I drove into the Little Halden Farm Campsite, what a tranquil picture unfolded in front of me.Set in the Rolvenden valley beside a small river, Jon and Sara have created a spacious green area, where their visitors can relax and unwind. Wisps of smoke from the BBQ’s, the sound of the buzzards overhead and the laughter as the children played amongst the straw bales.

The Weald of Kent being enjoyed by locals and new visitors alike.

For our entertainment Jon and Sara had invited Fred Clark, Kent’s exciting acoustic, singer/songwriter. We gathered around the outdoor stage made by them for Fred, joining with three generations of the Hilder family to enjoy the performance.
What a night! All ages sang, swayed and danced to Fred’s talented guitar playing and the rich tones of his voice. As the darkness fell, under the starlit sky, Fred’s stage now twinkled with candles that surrounded him. It was a simple, pleasurable and joyful experience.

A break from the stresses and pressures of life.

So my lovelies, make the most of this opportunity while the site is open and enjoy what remains of this summer. In our unique Kent countryside on a 5th generation hop farm. And shhh! It’s our secret!
With love……..
Denise x

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